Congratulations to all our writers, those who entered our competitions and sent stories to journals and anthologies. Some of us collected many rejections and we will continue to do so because ALL WE WANT TO DO IS WRITE!

Here’s also a big congratulations to these following SIWA¬†writers, who had books published this year. What wonderful creations they are. I personally recommend all of them — I’ve read most and have the rest on my bedside cabinet. They are terrific writers and I hope their books find their way into many stockings:

The Insides of Banana Skins by Jane Seaford (novel)

Dead is Dead by Jane Seaford (short stories)

I am Minerva by Karen Zelas (poetry)

Murder on the Maungatapu by Wayne Martin (narrative history)

The Boneman’s Wife by Celine Gibson (novel)

There’s something there for everyone so READ ON!

Here’s to 2017 and ANOTHER¬†wonderful year of writing at South Island Writers’ Association. Come along and learn from the very best. We’d love to see you. You’re welcome.