Anna Rogers is coming to SIWA in September

She will be talking to us at the Thursday 14th September meeting.

Here’s a quote from google books that tells us about her

“Anna Rogers has spent most of her working life as a book editor. She has an MA in English from Canterbury University, and has also worked as a bookseller and as a sub editor for the Listener. She has worked for most of the major New Zealand publishers, editing both fiction and non-fiction. Anna has also adapted books for radio and is a book reviewer and she is the author of eight non-fiction books, including While You’re Away:New Zealand Nurses at War 1899-1948, A Lucky Landing: The Story of the Irish in NewZealand and illustrated histories of Canterbury and the West Coast.”

Anna has judged for SIWA on several occasions and inevitably gives great feedback and great advice.  We always enjoy her visits and with her years of experience in the book world she is well worth listening to and learning from.

So come in numbers, bring your questions and  enjoy the  evening.

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