Lisa Tui is coming to SIWA

She will be here to talk to us for our August meeting….. That is Thursday 8th at 7:30.

Lisa Tui is a songwriter, singer and teacher: an independent artist, a self employed conductor of music and teaching income streams, inspiration and insight.

In the last 5 years songwriting has been the focus in her creative music life.  She has generated a digital album with another to be released in October.  She performs in concerts, at gigs, festivals and sustained a collaborative co-writing relationship with Dunedin songwriter Richard Dingwall.

Lisa has pursued the craft of song writing with the guidance of a songwriting coach, and curated the ‘freakin’ awesome’ songwriting clinics and retreats around the South Island for Charlotte Yates in Dunedin, Wanaka, Hanmer, Akaroa and Christchurch for the past 3 years.

Hope loads of you come to the meeting to listen to Lisa. I’m sure it’ll be inspirational! And here’s a photo of her performing.

Lisa Tui

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