Fibonacci inspiration

Stuck for a last minute idea for your Fib poem for Thursday’s meeting? Here’s some breathtaking, real-life examples of the golden ratio to spark your imagination.

Story critique swap

This month’s meeting (12 October) will see the next round of the SIWA Critique swap.

This time we’re reading stories, so dust off a draft and bring it along to share with another member.

Any kind of story is fine – short, flash, childrens, it doesn’t matter. Just keep it to about 2500 words or less.

For more information, and some resources on critique, seeĀ SIWA Critique Swap.

August Competition: Children’s Book Manuscript

August’s competition is for a children’s book manuscript.

Bring along your manuscripts to get judged by one of our own published children’s authors, Melanie Koster!

For a great starting point, Joy Cowley published a list of 10 points to bear in mind when writing picture book texts. So there’s no excuse not to enter!


SIWA critique swap starts next month

At next month’s meeting the first bi-monthly SIWA critique swap will take place! It’s a great opportunity to advance your writing through giving and receiving feedback in our friendly SIWA atmosphere.

Sam will give a brief talk on Thursday to explain how it works, talk a little bit about giving nice, helpful critiques, and answer any questions you might have.

For now, please head over to the new SIWA Critique Swap page and take a look!

This is a new thing for SIWA, and it wouldn’t be a good critique swap if it didn’t welcome feedback! If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please email and he’ll try his best to sort them out – either by email or on Thursday.critique