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For SIWA Members


Hello all you SIWA members. This is to remind you all that SIWA only operates because the committee is busy organising all kinds of stuff from designing the competition schedule to buying the supper sustenance to making sure the finances add up. So, it’s time for you all to think about joining the committee. Especially those of you who’ve been enjoying the meetings for some time. We’re all busy but we’re only asking for one evening a month (excluding January) and  a few other tasks that needn’t take too long.

It’s possible that SIWA may find it difficult to continue so successfully if enough of you don’t sign up for a little bit of extra work. AND the meetings are always fun with yummy snacks as well. Come on you writers, get in touch with one of the committee and make a commitment.

Here are a couple of contact emails for you; and Others can be found in member contacts.

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SIWA Constitution
SIWA Competition Schedule 2019 – 2020
SIWA Competition Rules
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For SIWA Committee

Competition Schedule 2018/19 -Committee Copy
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Judging Guidelines
Letter to Presenter
SIWA Entry Guidelines
Intermediate email to Judges$
SIWA Activities Schedule 2018-2019